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Production Linked Incentive Scheme on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


ACC Technology: The scheme covers ACCs and integrated advanced batteries (Single Units) that suffice the minimum performance specifications as provided hereunder (Shaded).

Setting Up: Cumulative ACC manufacturing capacity of fifty (50) GWh for ACCs and an additional cumulative capacity of (5) GWh for Niche ACC Technologies.


The Bidder shall have a minimum Net Worth of INR 225 crore per GWh, as per the capacity specified in its Technical Bid for the Financial Year preceding the date of submission of the Bid.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Bidder may Bid for any capacity under and in accordance with the terms of this RFP, if the Bidder has a total Net Worth of at least INR 1500,00,00,000 (Rupees fifteen hundred crore). This Net Worth criterion is to be adopted and approved by the board of directors and shareholders of the Bidder.

Technical Bids (St): Ranked Method

Very Interesting Method!

In the first stage, the Technical Bid will be evaluated on the basis of the Value Addition Only those Bidders who commit Value Addition of at least 25% within 2 years from the Appointed Date and minimum 60% Value Addition within 5 years from the Appointed Date,

Installation of ACC manufacturing capacity between 5 GWh to 20 GWh, within 5 (five) years from the Appointed Date, shall qualify for further consideration and shall be ranked from highest to the lowest on the basis of their technical score (ST).


• Technical Score: Company X = (70% x 0.857) + (30% x 1.000) = 0.900

• Technical Score: Company Y = (70% x 1.000) + (30% x 0.773) = 0.930

• Financial Score: Company X = 1.000

• Financial Score: Company Y = 0.900

Overall score for Company X = 80% x 0.900 + 20% x 1.000 = 0.920

Overall score for Company Y = 80% x 0.930 + 20% x 0.900 = 0.930

Financial Bids (Sf)

The amount of Subsidy indicated in the Financial Bids shall be deemed as final. The lowest Financial Bids (AL) will be given a financial score (SF) of 1.0 point. The financial

scores of other Bids will be computed as follows:

SF = AL/A (A = amount of Subsidy indicated in the Financial Bid)

SCORING: Bidder’s Score: 100% x minimum quoted base Subsidy benchmark / quoted base Subsidy benchmark of respective Bidder

The Bidders shall also inter alia take into consideration the phasing down of base Subsidy benchmark that has been submitted in the Bid. Year wise fixed phasing of base Subsidy (benchmark amount) shall be as follows:

The lowest quoted base Subsidy is benchmarked and given the maximum financial score of 100%. The formula for determining the scores of all other proposals is calculated as following:

The Bids will finally be ranked according to their combined technical (ST) and financial (SF) scores as follows:

S = ST x Tw + SF x Fw

Where S is the combined score, and Tw and Fw are weights assigned to Technical Bid and Financial Bid, which shall be 0.80 and 0.20, respectively.


It is clarified that the amount of Subsidy quoted by the Bidder, shall be subject to a ceiling of INR 2000 per KWh. Any Bid that has quoted Subsidy over INR 2000 shall be rejected.

Schedule as on 19 Jan 2022

Bid Due Date: 14-Jan-22

Opening of Technical Bid: 15-Jan-22

Opening of Financial Bid: 21-Jan-22

Letter of Award (LOA): 04-Feb-22

Validity of Bid: 29-Jun-22

Signing of the Programme Agreement: 04-Jun-22

Selected Company

Very big corporate house biding for it, Very Very Interesting who will select for it


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