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Smart Business, Subsidize Business

Welcome to your new site! AI CFO is a financial consultancy and advisory firm. We provide accounting and financial services for 10 years. Whether you’re an organization that’s on the fast path towards growth MSME or Startup that’s going to make it big and organized with the help of data analysis and Artificial intelligence. Also as Virtual CFO.
We provide consultancy related to government schemes and export incentives like production linked incentive schemes or RODTEP.


Financial Analyst


Also known as “Outsourced CFO”/“Shared CFO Services”. Virtual CFO services are provided to businesses that have not appointed an in-house CFO (Chief Financial Officer). It offers an immediate solution to the acute problems of  Entrepreneurs/ business entities at the initial stage of business towards business financial planning, setting up of accounts/ finance department and Management Information System (MIS). During upgrade/change over/exit stage of running businesses, with the advice & execution support of Virtual CFO Services providers, the business challenges are handled most effectively by availing their financial and professional advice, analysis, and support to the management in any concern area not limited to the finance department but business as a whole. CFO is a recognized management authority which is sometimes out of budget for small enterprises, start-ups, and SMEs. Therefore, there is a requirement to have a virtual CFO. It is a way for small businesses to get CFO support that they would have not been able to afford previously.

Factory Worker


Your one-stop shop for grants and incentives. Together with you, we develop the best and most cost-efficient strategy for submitting and managing your grants and incentives applications. We tailor our services to your needs and provide specific skillsets at any point in the project cycle. We support companies, governments, and organizations in obtaining, managing, and following up successful subsidy applications like Production Linked Incentive Scheme, Startup India, Large Industrial Incentive and Others.

Remote Monitoring


Every enterprise creates data, however, analyzing that colossal amount of information that is generated every day to gain business insights was for a long time restricted to big enterprises. In other words, enterprises that could shell out big money could gain access to analytical tools and consequently, to vital business insights.
Then came a transformative cloud which swept over the business community and levelled the playing field for all businesses - regardless of their shape, size, or financial standing.

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